How to Make Money in College

how to make money in college
how to make money in college

As a college student, you can’t rely on your parent’s money anymore. Sure, they’ll give you money, but that doesn’t mean they will keep on giving. You have to prepare by saving your money in case something emergency happen. Making money by yourself and for yourself not only will give you the feeling of proudness, you’ll also feel like you don’t need to bother asking your parents for some money anymore.

Here’s how to make money in college.

Become a campus tour guide

become a campus tour guide

If you’re great at socializing with others, you might want to open your eyes for this job. Many people will want to enter the campus you’re in and they will ask to be guided. It’s also a great way to improve your public speaking skills.

Be a tutor

If you’re great in a certain subject, you can teach them to the people who needs a helper. You can start by teaching your friends, and you can branch out to even more people. Set your salary, and BOOM! You will make extra money.

Sell your old stuffs

sell your old stuffs

Use an app to sell your old stuffs. But make sure it’s still in a good condition and people are still able to use it.

Be a freelancer

If you excel in makeup or any jobs, try to promote yourself. This can easily lead you to more cash. You can be a makeup artists, or a painter, or a baker. Do this and you’ll bathe in dollar bills.

Get a job

get a job

You can consult this with your career development teacher. Luckily in this Top Business University Singapore, you can. Career Development is a program that SIM University Singapore has. You will be able to seek informations about jobs and how to deal with interviews, etc. You can work as a part-timer or even a full-timer.


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